Mr. Rumen Porozhanov - Minister of agriculture, food and forestry

Rumen Porozhanov Rumen Porozhanov


It is a great pleasure for me to extend a very warm welcome to all forthcoming participants and guests of the IRO World conference, which will be held in the beginning of May 2018 in the old capital of Bulgaria – Veliko Tarnovo.

I highly appreciate, that all of you, who ensure the presence in our menu of high quality raspberries,  strawberries, blackberries and other fruits with their unique flavor and taste, achieve this with great labor and ambition facing the constant challenges of the changing environment on one hand, and the competition and the globalization of the market, on the other.

Recent years have seen an increase of the yielding areas in the raspberry production sector, which number in 2017 reaches 22 000 decares. In 2015, an increase by 35% was reported, while in 2016 the increase was 54,2% compared to 2014. In 2017, the raspberry fields in the country have increased by 8,607 ha compared to 2014, which is equal to 65,0%.

For the period of 2014-2016, we report an increase of the harvested areas amounting respectively 27,8% for 2015 and nearly 54,0% for 2016 in comparison with 2014.

The raspberry production continues growing in 2015 and 2016 respectively with 49,8% and 83% compared to 2014. This significant increase is due to the combination of more planted areas and higher average yield of decare.

The reported growth of average yields in 2015 amounts 17,2%, and 19,3% in 2016 compared to 2014.

Your success achieved with hard labor proves that when working with clear vision for development, strong motivation and confidence in your own strengths and abilities, the recognition comes deservedly.

Fruit farming is one of the priority sectors of the agricultural industry in the country, therefore its present and future development has an essential importance for the development of agriculture.

I hope that during the new program period we will be able to facilitate your application related to the different programs. I am sharing with you my confidence, that Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry conducts consistent firm policy, aiming to protect the producers’ interests in order to support and improve the market orientation, to increase the competitiveness of the Bulgarian fruit farming. We make efforts to promote the sector and provide the consumers with high quality and food-safety compliant products.

I wish success to all producers, guests and participants in this event!




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