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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

1. What is the country's emergency telephone number?In case of a medical emergency, call the free of charge telephone number 112. You may call this number in case of any other emergency. The number can be reached also outside the range of your mobile network. The 112 operators speak English. 2. What currency is used for daily transactions in the country?The official currency in Bulgaria is the Bulgarian lev (BGN). The exchange rate to the Euro is approximately 2:1. 3.…
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, We would like to inform you that on the 11th of April 2018 at 24.00 o’clock GMT the registration for the 11th IRO World Conference – Bulgaria is ending. We are awaiting the participation fees of all participants to be paid until 14th of April 2018. After this date all submitted registrations, which are not paid yet, will be declined and cancelled. We are asking all participants in the conference, who have not provided information about…
Dear participants in the 11th IRO World Conference - Bulgaria Оn the event's site in the section "Conference" submenu "Schedule" has been already is published the conference program.

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11th World Conference IRO
Bulgaria, 6-9 may 2018
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